What is Remote Access?

1. Users mail-in their crystals.
2. Beamline staff places sample pucks into robotic system.
3. Users can set up and monitor the data collection and data processing procedure remotely.

Remote Access Work Flow

Remote access benefits

Collaboration: Remote access enables researchers from around the world to collaborate and access the system simultaneously. They can work together on experiments, share data, and collaborate on research projects without the need for physical presence.

Time and Cost Savings: By utilizing remote access, researchers save time and money that would otherwise be spent on travel expenses such as airline tickets, accommodation in hotels, and other associated costs. Remote access eliminates the need for physical travel, making research more convenient and cost-effective.

Start Your Remote Crystallography

Before the beamtime

  1. Confirm your beamline schedule.
  2. Provide the fixed IP address of the computer for remote connection to the beamline manager (once a year).
  3. The beamline manager will create a chat group (Line or Google Chat) for experiment members and beamline staffs.
  4. Set up your computer with NoMachine NX server and WinSCP.
  5. Prepare samples and edit the spreadsheet (download spreadsheet template: TLS / TPS).
  6. Shipping your sample to NSRRC.   (Shipping Information)
  7. Please send the tracking number and the edited spreadsheet to the beamline manager either via email or the chat group.
  8. Fill out the Experiment Safety Approval Form.
    Remember to select YES for the “Safety concerns and precautions” option and write down “Remote access” as an explanation.

On the day of the beamtime

  1. The support staff will load the pucks into SAM(TLS15A) or ISARA(TPS) dewar, upload the spreadsheet, and you will be informed about the puck positions in the dewar.
  2. Connect to the beamline computer using NoMachine NX server.
  3. Now you can start the experiment remotely.   (Please read the SAM/ISARA operation manual thoroughly in advance.)
  4. You can use the chat group (Line or Google Chat) to communicate with beamline staff if you require their assistance during the experiment.

After the beamtime

  1. Download the experimental data using WinSCP.
  2. The staff will return the shipping dewar on the Monday of the week following the conclusion of the beamtime.
Remote Access Manuals



Shipping Information

NSRRC Address:

300092 新竹市新安路101號

101 Hsin-Ann Road, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 300092, Taiwan, R.O.C

Receiver: (Depends on which beamline you apply)


  1. Shipments should arrive at least one day in advance of your scheduled beamtime.
  2. Shipments are only accepted during office hours: 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays).