Why Choose Us

TPS 05A and TPS 07A endstations are equipped with micro-diffractometers (MD2/MD3), photon-counting pixel area detectors (EIGER2 X 9M/16M), fluorescence detectors, cryogenic sample coolers, and automated sample changers (ISARA) that enable automatically sample mounting and centering, making the data acquisition more efficient. The data collection throughput with ISARA is 95 data sets per 8hrs.

Remote Access

Our beamlines are capable of remote access that allows users to screen crystals, collect data, process data, and solve structures remotely using the computers on-site through the NoMachine NX server.


User Support Service

We provides substantial user support to help with your data collection either on-site or through remote access.

User Support Service

Application Procedure

  • Fast application process
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Getting beamtimes within a month

  • Administrative procedure
    Administrative procedure
    • Confirm usage requirements
    • Sign a contract
    Apply for user identity
    User card application
    • Complete the safety training
    • Schedule based on your needs
    • Advance payment
    Before the beamtime
    • Deliver your sample to us
    Data collection
    During the beamtime
    • Data collection & processing
    Data collection
    After the beamtime
    • Final payment

    Basic Charge

    Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) beamlines charge USD$6,000 per shift (8hrs).